Modern JVM Innovations

JVM futures, ML integration, GPU/Vector, Loom best practices, teaching modern Java, GraalVM tidbits.

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Scaling Out Connected Compilations

Monday Nov 1 / 09:00AM PDT

The speaker is currently preparing the presentation details.

Gil Tene

CTO @AzulSystems


Level Up Your Java Performance with TornadoVM

Monday Nov 1 / 10:00AM PDT

Heterogeneous hardware such as Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are widely used for specific domains of applications such as Machine Learning, Data Science, Numerical Analytics and Fintech, due to the offer of a higher level of performance.The increased...

Juan Fumero

Lead Architect of the TornadoVM Project & Research Fellow @OfficialUoM


Understanding JIT Optimisations By Decompilation

Monday Nov 1 / 11:00AM PDT

How does the JIT compiler transform your code as it optimises it? We can try to understand what the compiler has done by looking at JIT logs, compiler data structures, and directly at the machine code, but these are all advanced options needing expert-level knowledge of compilers. How can we make...

Chris Seaton

Researcher (Senior Staff Engineer) @Shopify


Modern JVM Innovations Panel

Monday Nov 1 / 12:00PM PDT

The session details will be updated soon.

Track Host

Monica Beckwith

Java Champion, First Lego League Coach, passionate about JVM Performance @Microsoft

Java Champion Monica Beckwith is considered a subject matter expert, has several published articles and gets regular invitations to give talks on JVM/JIT Compilation/Garbage Collection (GC). She is also a JavaOne Rock Star.Monica has made various performance contributions to the Java HotSpot VM...

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