State of ML/AI Union

Seeing a new research paper or news article about a new AI model on daily basis? Well, we all do and most of us don’t have a huge amount of them running in production in parallel. We want to take you on a journey that keeps you up-to-date with the newest models, but more importantly with the tools to bring them into production and keep them operational. Join us while we explore MLOps, Feature Stores, and new AI Algorithms.


Jendrik Jördening

CTO @Nooxit
Jendrik is CTO at Nooxit. He formerly worked at Aurubis and Akka Germany on Data Science and Deep Learning in the field of industry 4.0 and autonomous machines.At the same time he took part in the Udacity Self-Driving Car Nanodegree, participating with a group of other Udacity student in the... Read more Find Jendrik Jördening at:

Wednesday May 26 / 09:00AM EDT

TOPICS Machine LearningArtificial Intelligence

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