Living on the Edge

Global Internet connectivity provides a unique opportunity to scale products and services. In many areas performance, reliability, and efficiency of network requests directly impact business metrics, requiring to scale architectures beyond the central data center to the Edge of the infrastructure. 

This track shares the latest techniques to scale software architectures to the Edge networks with thousands of points of presence and ways to minimize the last-mile data delivery.

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Building Modern Transportation System with KubeEdge, How We Made It

Monday Nov 8 / 08:00AM PST

Transportation is one of the most important industries of edge computing, building a highly distributed, edge-cloud collaborative platform to leverage new applications and services for modern transportation has been a hot topic these years.To deal with massive edge apps & nodes deployment,...

Kevin Wang

Lead of Cloud Native Open Source Team @Huawei


GraphQL Caching on the Edge

Monday Nov 8 / 09:00AM PST

In January 2018, I was the CTO of a fast-growing startup with a very ready-heavy use case. Our infrastructure couldn't keep up with our load, so our servers were crashing almost daily. At the time, no traditional CDN could cache GraphQL APIs, meaning we had no choice but to...

Max Stoiber

Co-Founder @GraphCDN


Living on the Edge

Monday Nov 8 / 10:00AM PST

The speaker is currently preparing the presentation.


Living the Edge Panel

Monday Nov 8 / 11:00AM PST

The session details will be updated soon.


Monday Nov 8 / 08:00AM PST


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Track Host

Sergey Fedorov

Director of Engineering @Netflix

Sergey is a hands-on engineering leader working for the Content Delivery team at Netflix. An early member of the team that built an Open Connect CDN delivering 13% of the world Internet traffic, he spent years building monitoring and data analysis systems for Netflix video streaming. As part of...

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