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Building Secure Systems

In this track, we discuss application-layer security in both its traditional forms and more cutting-edge forms like advanced encryption and the Internet of Things.

We'll also look at supply chain security, a topic that's increasingly important with modern software development methods.

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Session Security

Securing the Development & Supply Chain of Open Source Software (OSS)

Thursday May 20 / 06:10AM PDT

Open Source Software (OSS) is everywhere today. Unfortunately, all software (OSS and not) is under attack. This talk will briefly discuss how OSS is developed & distributed as a supply chain (SC) model, which then gives insights into how OSS is attacked and some countermeasures. We then...

David Wheeler

Director of Open Source Supply Chain Security @linuxfoundation

Session Security

Depending On If I Had Coffee Or Not Your Application May Be High Risk

Thursday May 20 / 07:10AM PDT

Security practitioners are often espresso'ing risk with qualitative measurements. We use broad, imprecise risk measurements such as high, medium, and low while applying them inconsistently if we haven't had our first cup. We struggle to measure if security work is driving down risk,...

Shannon Morrison

Senior Security Engineer - Detection Engineering @Netflix

Scott Behrens

Senior Security Engineer @Netflix

Session Security

Application-Layer Encryption Basics for Developers

Thursday May 20 / 08:10AM PDT

Application-layer encryption should be a tool in every developer's toolbox. In this talk, I cover the basics of encryption, what are application-layer and infrastructure-layer encryption, when to use asymmetric and symmetric keys, and how to do key management. Finally, we review a...

Isaac Potoczny-Jones

Founder @Tozny & Authentication and Privacy Specialist

Session Security

Panel: Secure Systems

Thursday May 20 / 09:10AM PDT

In this panel, we will continue the conversation on security for the software supply chain and software security risk measurement.

Shannon Morrison

Senior Security Engineer - Detection Engineering @Netflix

Michael Fagan

Computer Scientist @NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Matt Jones

Vice President, Global Engineering @WindRiver


Thursday May 20 / 06:00AM PDT




Track Host

Isaac Potoczny-Jones

Founder @Tozny & Authentication and Privacy Specialist

Isaac is the founder and CEO of Tozny, LLC, a privacy and security company specializing in easy to use cryptographic toolkits for developers. Isaac’s work in cybersecurity spans open source, the public sector, and commercial companies. His projects have included end-to-end encryption for...

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