Becoming a Better Developer

Software development is a craft that asks us to engage in continuous learning and improvement. We quickly discover that it is not just about writing code. If we want to do well in our career and feel proud of our work, we need to learn many other skills.  We need to write good documentation. We need to have the foresight to put in the right metrics, logging and monitoring and then know how to use these when we are debugging issues in production. We are asked to quickly become fluent in new code bases and understand how key frameworks and libraries behave.  We are expected to support the team by providing high quality code and design reviews. We are asked to understand the business and convince stakeholders to invest in reducing technical debt.

In this track, experienced developers will share with you specific tips and guidance to help you become a better developer, improving your value as a team member and helping you feel more confident in your skills and your contributions.

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Analyzing Codebases for Fun and Profit

Tuesday Nov 2 / 09:00AM PDT

One problem existing for many developers today is ramping up quickly complex and sometimes messy codebases. Analyzing domains is an important skill when we need to solve complex problems, take ownership, contribute to open source, break down monoliths, or even perform code reviews in unknown...

Jordan Bragg

Architect @CastlightHealth


Becoming a Better Developer

Tuesday Nov 2 / 10:00AM PDT

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Becoming a Better Developer

Tuesday Nov 2 / 11:00AM PDT

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Becoming a Better Developer Panel

Tuesday Nov 2 / 12:00PM PDT

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Lightstep Sponsored Webinar

Tuesday Nov 2 / 01:00PM PDT

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MariaDB Sponsored Webinar

Tuesday Nov 2 / 02:00PM PDT

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Tuesday Nov 2 / 08:00AM PDT


Developer Experience


Track Host

David Van Couvering

Senior Principal Architect @eBay

David Van Couvering has been designing, building and delivering enterprise software since he first started at Sybase in 1988, converting tests from C to COBOL. His checkered past includes architecting one of the first Java application servers at Sybase, working on a series of explosively failing...

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