Architectures You've Always Wondered About

Large-scale, high-velocity, global: how do the most respected names in software build and operate their systems?

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Why Apache Pulsar is a Better Kafka than Kafka

Monday Nov 1 / 09:00AM PDT

Apache Pulsar is a messaging system that is in use at companies like Verizon, Splunk, and Tencent to support queuing and pub/sub workloads in both single region and multi-datacenter configurations. This talk will explain how Pulsar's multitenant architecture leverages separate compute and...

Jonathan Ellis

CTO and co-founder @DataStax


Asset Management and Tracking

Monday Nov 1 / 10:00AM PDT

The speaker is currently working on the session details.

Lola Priego

CEO of Base



Monday Nov 1 / 11:00AM PDT

The speakers are currently working on the presentation details.

Olessya Medvedeva

Software Engineer at Major League Baseball

Matt Oliver

Software Engineer at Major League Baseball


Architectures Panel

Monday Nov 1 / 12:00PM PDT

The session details will be updated soon.


Monday Nov 1 / 08:00AM PDT




Track Host

Colin Breck

Sr. Staff Software Engineer @Tesla

Colin Breck leads the cloud platforms organization for Tesla Energy developing real-time services for power generation, battery storage, vehicle charging, and grid services. Colin detailed the Tesla Virtual Power Plant at QCon London in 2020. Colin is interested in the intersection of...

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