Architecting for Resilience

Architecting for resilience is a key consideration to any system that deals with scale, critical use, or compliance.  

Off the many techniques and strategies, with chaos engineering being one example, that can be employed to improve overall application resiliency, this track will also give you insights into the often forgotten surrounding pieces that contribute to the overall application resiliency. Supply chain resiliency and intelligent incident management can be determining factors and should influence your architecture decisions.  

The ultimate goal of the track is both to widen your horizons on what architecting for resiliency means, while also providing ready-to-use examples and ideas you can employ today.

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Thursday May 27 / 09:00AM EDT

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Dio Rettori

Head of Cloud Architecture @jpmorgan
Dio is the head of Cloud Architecture for JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s Asset and Wealth Management division. Most of his day is invested in planning and executing large-scale migration programs for hundreds of applications that are systemically important to the industry. He's the co-founder... Read more