API Architecture

How would you design and implement your APIs if you were starting today? If you already have a lot of APIs, what should you be thinking about to keep up with competition? This track will highlight the latest tools and techniques around API design and usage; from things like contract-first API development and client generation techniques, to how APIs are changing for use cases like big data and streaming, to testing and operational aspects of dealing with APIs at scale.

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Designing Event-Driven Architectures Using the AsyncAPI Specification

Tuesday Nov 9 / 08:00AM PST

In the world of REST APIs, we're used to having a great variety of tools and specifications (Swagger, OpenAPI, RAML). This has enabled us to automate the generation of documentation portals, code, and also led to a bunch of excellent API management services like Apigee, Mulesoft, Kong, and...

Fran Mendez

Founder at AsyncAPI Initiative & Director Of Engineering @getpostman


Building With Extensibility

Tuesday Nov 9 / 09:00AM PST

Extensibility isn't just making your endpoints public; you should think about how your product will be extended and enhanced by others before you write a line of code. Gain an understanding of why we want to build extensible products rather than just checking off a "public API" box....

Christi Schneider

Software Engineer @Square


A Standardized, Specification-Driven API Lifecycle

Tuesday Nov 9 / 10:00AM PST

The speaker is currently preparing the session details.

Kin Lane

Chief Evangelist @Postman


API Showdown: REST vs. GraphQL vs. gRPC – Which Should You Use?

Tuesday Nov 9 / 11:00AM PST

When architecting an API, one of the major decisions is choosing the appropriate communication technology and protocol. Every solution comes with trade-offs, so how do you find the right fit for your needs? The three panelists will each be a representative for one of today's popular...

Track Host

Thomas Betts

Senior Principal Software Engineer @blackbaud & Lead Editor for Architecture and Design @InfoQ

Thomas Betts is the Lead Editor for Architecture and Design at InfoQ, a co-host of the InfoQ Podcast, and a Senior Principal Software Engineer at Blackbaud. For over two decades, his focus has always been on providing software solutions that delight his customers. He has worked in a variety of...

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