Zhamak Dehghani

Director of Emerging Technologies @thoughtworks & Creator of the Data Mesh concept Zhamak Dehghani works with ThoughtWorks as the director of emerging technologies in North America, with a focus on distributed systems and big data architecture, with a deep passion for decentralized technology solutions - the foundations for democratization: data mesh, decentralized trust and identity, and networking protocols.  She founded the concept of Data Mesh in 2018, a paradigm shift in big data management toward data decentralization, and since has been evangelizing the concept with the wider industry.  

She is a member of multiple tech advisory boards including Micronaut Foundation and ThoughtWorks Technology Advisory Board and contributes to the creation of ThoughtWorks Technology Radar. Zhamak has worked as a technologist for over 20 years and has contributed to multiple patents in distributed computing communications, as well as embedded device technologies.

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Data Mesh: An Architectural Deep Dive

Data Mesh is a paradigm shift in how we imagine and build big data management solutions, and most importantly is a shift in how we form our teams around these solutions and govern them. Data Mesh departs from half a century old assumptions on how we need to manage analytical data to be useful. It shifts analytical data architecture from monolithic - such as lake and warehouse - to distributed; data ownership from centralized teams to decentralized owners; from data as an asset to hoard to a product to delight its users; from manual and centralized governance to a federated and computational one; and shifts from data platforms as a utility layer to a set of experience planes. This talk introduces Data Mesh foundations at the high level and deep dives into a proposed logical architecture to bring the paradigm to life. It introduces the architecture of new concepts such as data products - the quantum of Data Mesh architecture - and its affordances, as well as the planes of the data platform in support of computational governance and distribution. If you are a critical thinker with an architectural eye and keen to be part of the next generation solutions to democratize and decentralize big data, this talk is for you.


Thursday May 27 / 11:10AM EDT (40 minutes)

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Data Pipelines & Data Mesh: Where We Are and How the Future Looks Like

In the panel, experts with different backgrounds will discuss the current challenges for building Modern Data Pipelines and applying Data Mesh in the real world. We will also discuss how the future looks like in terms of new techniques, architectures, and tools to make effective data-based projects.


Thursday May 27 / 12:10PM EDT (40 minutes)

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