William Lyon

Developer Relations Engineer @Neo4j

William Lyon is a Developer Relations Engineer at Neo4j where he helps developers be successful with graphs. Prior to joining Neo4j William worked as a software developer for several startups, building mobile apps, quantitative finance tools, and predictive API services. William holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Montana. You can find him online at lyonwj.com

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Sponsored Case Study

Putting the Graph In GraphQL With The Neo4j GraphQL Library

GraphQL exposes application data as a graph which can introduce challenges if your backend isn't graph-ready (think slow JOINs as a result of nested GraphQL queries and the dreaded n+1 query problem). The Neo4j GraphQL library enables developers to build GraphQL APIs backed by a native graph database using only GraphQL type definitions.

In this talk we'll see how to build a GraphQL API without writing any resolvers and add custom logic.


Wednesday Nov 10 / 01:10PM PST (45 minutes)

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Sponsored Lab

Building GraphQL APIs With The Neo4j GraphQL Library


During this hands-on training we will explore:

  • What is GraphQL and how to build GraphQL APIs
  • Building Node.js GraphQL APIs backed by a native graph database using the Neo4j GraphQL Library
  • Adding custom logic to our GraphQL API using the @cypher schema directive and custom resolvers
  • Adding authentication and authorization rules to our GraphQL API While not strictly required, some familiarity with Node.js, GraphQL, and Neo4j will be helpful.   

This course will focus on building the GraphQL API layer and will not cover integrating a GraphQL API into a frontend application.

No initial setup is needed as we will be using hosted Codesandbox and Neo4j Sandbox environments.


Friday Nov 12 / 08:00AM PST (1 hours)


Level Beginner

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