Tim Pearce

Software Engineer and WebAssembly Advocate R&D @BBC Tim Pearce works as a software engineer and WebAssembly advocate in the Research & Development department at the BBC. He is part of a team which is exploring how the BBC might distribute future audience experiences which are immersive, personalised, interactive and object-based to audiences regardless of what devices they might have at home. We hope to be able to give audiences the ability to access future experiences in the same way they access video on demand today, through BBC iPlayer.


Experimenting with WASM for future audience experiences in BBC iPlayer

In BBC R&D we are exploring how we might deliver future audience experiences which are immersive, interactive and object-based to all our audiences regardless of what devices they might have at home. We want to build a platform which will allow audiences to interact with what they see on screen and personalise every experience to their needs. In this talk we will discuss how we used WebAssembly to deploy our cross platform native future-facing iPlayer across various web browsers, what advantages this approach had and how we intend to use WebAssembly, outside the browser, throughout our stack to create to create a broadcasting chain that provides universal access to our experiences.


Tuesday May 18 / 11:00AM EDT (40 minutes)

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