Tejas Chopra

Senior Software Engineer Data Storage Platform team @Netflix

Tejas Chopra is a Senior Software Engineer, working in the Data Storage Platform team at Netflix, where he is responsible for architecting storage solutions to support Netflix Studios and Netflix Streaming Platform. Prior to Netflix, Tejas was working on designing and implementing the storage infrastructure at Box, Inc. to support a cloud content management platform that scales to petabytes of storage & millions of users. Tejas has worked on distributed file systems & backend architectures, both in on-premise and cloud environments as part of several startups in his career. Tejas is an International Keynote Speaker and periodically conducts seminars on Micro services, NFTs, Software Development & Cloud Computing and has a Masters Degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, with a specialization in Computer Systems.

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Netflix Drive: Building a Cloud Native Filesystem for Media Assets

Netflix Studios produces hundreds to thousands of movies, shows, trailers, and other forms of media content each year which amount to hundreds of petabytes of storage and billions of media assets. These assets are created, edited, managed, encoded, and rendered by artists working on a multitude of workstation environments and operating systems such as Windows, Linux and MacOS, from all around the globe. These assets need to be immediately available to different globally distributed teams within Netflix Studios. What kind of architecture can work for this scale and provide artists with a secure, performant and seamless storage interface?

In this talk, we present Netflix Drive, a generic cloud drive for storing and retrieving media assets, i.e., a collection of media files and folders in Netflix. Netflix Drive ties together disparate data (such as: AWS S3, Ceph Storage, Google Cloud Storage, and others) and metadata stores (such as: DynamoDB, RDS, Redis, CockroachDB, and others) in a cogent form for creating, cataloging and serving these assets to applications and workflows.


Wednesday Nov 3 / 08:00AM PDT (40 minutes)


The Cloud Operating Model

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