Taylor Thomas

Senior Software Engineer @Microsoft Taylor Thomas is a Senior Software Engineer working on Krustlet, Bindle, Wasm, and other open source tooling at Microsoft. He is a regular speaker at various open source conferences and meetups, including various KubeCons and local meetup groups. He has worked on various containers and Kubernetes platforms at Intel, Nike, and Microsoft, is an emeritus core maintainer for Helm, and is a core maintainer of Krustlet and other Wasm related projects. He currently lives in the Utah area and enjoys hiking and camping.


Wasm in the Wild West: A Practical Application Tale

Almost one year ago, our team released Krustlet, a Kubernetes Kubelet implementation for running WebAssembly modules in the cloud. Since then, we’ve spent plenty of time out on the frontier, implementing full Kubernetes functionality for Wasm as well as other experiments like WAGI. Along the way, we’ve seen all the rough edges and gaps when using Wasm in the cloud. Using these projects as a practical backdrop, we’ll learn all about the possibilities afforded by this exciting new technology and why we think it will be a major component of application development in the cloud. We will also discuss the lessons we’ve learned and the remaining gaps to be filled in order for Wasm to become more mainstream.


Tuesday May 18 / 12:00PM EDT (40 minutes)

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