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CEO @Workplaceless Tammy Bjelland is the Founder and CEO of Workplaceless, a training company that improves remote and hybrid team effectiveness by developing the capabilities workers, managers, and executives need to succeed in distributed environments. With her background in higher education, publishing, edtech, eLearning, and corporate training, she is committed to driving and supporting the future of work by developing people. She holds a BA and MA from the University of Virginia and is a Certified Professional in Talent Development and Certified Master Trainer by the Association for Talent Development. She lives in Winchester, VA.

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Balancing Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication in Virtual Teams

Do back-to-back meetings, Zoom fatigue, overworking, and constant interruptions sound familiar? They are common complaints in teams that are struggling to balance synchronous and asynchronous communication.

When individual contributors and managers adopt more asynchronous communication practices, everyone benefits by gaining time and autonomy over how they spend that time. Autonomy and better work-life balance = happier people.

This presentation will show you how to improve this balance and make a positive impact on your team and business outcomes with a simple-to-use framework.


Wednesday May 19 / 09:10AM EDT (40 minutes)

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