Steven Martin

Solutions Engineer @Teleport

Steven Martin is an experienced Solution Engineer at Teleport with over 20 years of Enterprise I/T experience. He has led multiple large enterprise application implementations at corporate and government sites using on-prem and cloud resources.

Sponsored Case Study

Scaling and Managing a New Saas Offering on the Cloud

Teleport provised a managed service for the Teleport Access Plane offering. This service has grown rapidly over the last year requring planning for issues such as TLS certification issuance at scale, load balancer allocation, monitoring and more.

Steven will cover:

-How planning was done to keep capacity to expected growth rates

- Approach to offering multi-region capability to remove latency for resource access.

This topic can be especailly relevant to cloud services that provide services to on-premise agents or applicances that connect to a central service.


Wednesday Nov 3 / 01:15PM PDT (45 minutes)

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