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Network Security Engineer @Cisco

Sindhuja Rao is a Network Security Engineer at Cisco specializing in network security solutions like VPNs, Firewalls, IAM etc. She is a Cisco Security Interstellar Pioneer. She also represents the Cisco Women in CyberSecurity India team. She has delivered Security talks on latest tech trends like Zero Trust in public forums like The Diana Initiative 2021. She has also interacted with Faculty Department and Ph.D. graduates for Industry session on Quantum Computing Cryptography. She is an upcoming speaker at Cisco SecCon and the International Institute of Business Analysis Summit. She is currently pursuing Master of Technology degree in Electronics and Communication from Indian institute of Science, Bangalore.

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"Trust me, I'm an insider" - Diving into Zero Trust Security

In 2020, hackers got around by making about 4.2 Billion Dollars majorly from Phishing scams.

The current scenario of Network Security highly depends on the assumption that if a client has a set of “good” credentials, they can be trusted with access to all or at least some confidential resources of the network.

Back to reality – with an exponential data usage nowadays, there is a definite increase in the degree of data breach in an organization. So, with the conventional checks, any “authenticated” client, making a connection from “outside” or “inside” can access this data and possibly exploit it. Most of the time, unknowingly.

Having just a single security layer solution like VPNs or 1st Gen Firewalls but still relying on the good old dictionary credentials for SSH is evidently not good enough.

The Zero Trust approach involves a combination of securer authentication approaches such as MFA with profiling and posturing of the client device along with some stronger encryption checks.  

Only after complete holistic verification of the entity, “thou shall pass!”.

So how does it do a better job? How scalable is it? And why trust the “Zero Trust”?


Tuesday Nov 2 / 11:10AM PDT (40 minutes)


Security: Establishing & Maintaining Customer Trust


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