Shannon Hogue

Global Head of Solutions Engineering @Karat

Shannon Hogue Brown started writing code 20 years ago and has evolved her career from software engineer to technology leader at organizations like Logitech. She currently serves as Global Head of Solutions Engineering at Karat. In this role, she works with engineering leadership at technology-driven organizations such as Indeed, Compass, and Databricks to develop world-class, highly predictive interviewing and hiring programs. She lives in San Francisco and has two dogs, Samus and Locke.


Hiring in Hypergrowth: Balancing Delivery and Expansion

Hiring in hypergrowth often feels like a catch-22. Balancing equity and efficiency in hiring, at high volume, while shipping product seems like an impossible task. In this session, Karat's Global Head of Solutions Engineering Shannon Hogue shares highlights and learnings from her career in technical hiring. She'll explore best practices for the hiring software engineers with the right skills while keeping inclusion at the center.


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