Sangit Patel

(He / him / his)

Sales Engineer @Sauce Labs

Sangit Patel is an engineer by trade, but after some time growing in the adtech industry he saw an opportunity to shift towards a more client facing role. In doing so, he realized his passion for bridging the technical side with the business side. Sangit used this passion to help multiple companies double in size and revenue. His professional experiences have all brought him where he is today. As Sales Engineer with API Fortress, A Sauce Labs Company, Sangit works with clients and business partners to improve their API testing and explore all that Sauce Labs and API Fortress can provide.

Sponsored Workshop

Improve API Test Coverage, Productivity and Debugging Speed to Increase Developer Confidence

Too many bugs continue to slip past API tests and monitors. Products go to market with insufficient quality despite “acceptable” PASS rates. As the competitive drive increases to ship products faster by shortening testing times, the risk of potentially dangerous API bugs going live is growing at an alarming rate. Somehow, teams must make API testing more productive and useful - rather than continue to live with a false sense of security. This workshop introduces participants to breakthrough ways to transform the value of API testing to significantly reduce risk with production-ready code.


Thursday Nov 4 / 12:45PM EDT (1 hour 30 minutes)


Level Beginner

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