Ryan Levick

Principal Rust Developer Advocate @Microsoft Ryan Levick is a principal developer advocate at Microsoft where he champions the adoption of the Rust programming language as a safe alternative to C and C++. Ryan is an active member of the Rust community as a member of many Rust project teams. He is also a Rust educator. While originally from the U.S., he now lives in Berlin, Germany.

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Systems Programmers Can Have Nice Things

Systems programming presents unique challenges that differ from other areas of software development. However, some of the largest challenges of systems programming aren't inherent to the domain, but rather stem from weak programming language abstractions and overly complex tooling.

In this talk, we'll explore some of the niceties that Rust brings to the systems programming world that not only make life as a system programmer nicer but also make it possible to build efficient abstractions that chip away at the incidental complexity of systems programming that for too long has been accepted as "just the way things are". 


Tuesday May 25 / 10:10AM EDT (40 minutes)

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