Phillipa Avery

(She / her / hers)

Engineering Manager - Java Platform @Netflix

Philippa is an Engineering Manager on the Service Networking team. The team helps build and maintain all the networking communication across the many services and components that comprise the Netflix ecosystem.

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Scaling the North Star of Developer Experience

From starting a business to growing into an organization with thousands of engineers, this talk will delve into the trade-offs on developer experience at different stages of engineering growth.

I will talk about learnings from the back-end and product engineering perspective, gained while Netflix has grown from hundreds to thousands of engineers. When should engineers use centralized offerings vs choosing the best tool for their needs? What degree of consistency should be required across technical stacks as the company grows? When should you build vs buy? How does the engineering landscape change as the company branches out into different investment areas?

This talk will provide some decision-making solutions to help answer these questions and more.


Tuesday Nov 9 / 09:10AM PST (40 minutes)


Crafting the Developer Experience


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