Molly Junck

Technical Program Manager InfraGov and Cloud Vendor Management @Pinterest

Molly Junck is a Technical Program Manager, leading the Infrastructure Governance Program at Pinterest. Molly is responsible for supporting Pinterest’s capacity management, cloud infrastructure cost and usage data, as well as managing the relationship with Pinterest’s cloud provider. Prior to Pinterest, Molly worked at Adobe where she led the Security Testing Program. Molly has a Computer Science degree from Brown University.


Optimizing Efficiency & Capacity Management at Web Scale on the Cloud

Managing capacity demands while maintaining efficiency for a web-scale workload running on a public cloud is a challenging task. In this talk, Molly will share insight on how Pinterest optimizes their use of the cloud, concurrently maintaining demands across key domains of security, availability, rate of innovation, and infrastructure efficiency.

Possible dimensions to be covered:

  • Ensuring sufficient capacity for both critical and non-critical workloads while working with a fungible and multi-tenant cloud capacity pool
  • Improving efficiency via financial instruments such as long-term reserved leases and on-demand reservations
  • Driving accountability with engineering teams through attributing cloud costs

After this session, you will be armed with key strategies to ensure that your scaling exercise on the cloud is more successful and avoid key hiccups on the way.


Wednesday Nov 3 / 09:00AM PDT (40 minutes)


The Cloud Operating Model

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