Matthew Singer

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Senior Staff Hardware Engineer @twitter

Matt Singer is Senior Staff Hardware Engineer and architect of Twitter's server platforms. An expert in performance and server architecture, Matt is the technical leader for the hardware team that created one of the most resilient and cost-effective cloud infrastructures in the industry. He continues to lead the company’s adoption of new server technologies, focusing on increasing performance per watt and reducing total cost of ownership. Matt also has extensive experience as a firmware engineer, contributing to desktop, mobile, server, and embedded system designs. An alumnus of Case Western Reserve University, he has over 20 years of experience in the computing industry.

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Comparison of Performance of Multiple CPU Architectures

With an increase in the choices of CPU architectures available both on-premise and in the public cloud, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the differences in performance between these options.  We will compare performance examples of 4 different CPU vendors while also comparing bare metal and two public cloud enviroments.  Our testing will utilize SPECjbb2015 with OpenJDK17 to illustrate various aspects of peak throughput as well as latency response.  We'll also consider performance/watt differences measured on bare metal workloads, providing further insight into different architectures.  Rather than attempting to declare a "winner", we'll focus on illustrating similiarites and differences among multiple high performing architectures.


Monday Nov 8 / 08:10AM PST (40 minutes)


Performance First Design



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