Mark Weinberg

Vice President, Core Product Engineering @eBay

Mark is a passionate leader with a broad range of technical, design, business and management experience. He is currently the VP of Core Product Engineering at eBay where he co-leads the initiative to increase developer productivity and accelerate software delivery. Previously, Mark spent 18 years at Microsoft leading teams in Windows and Xbox. He also spent 5 years at Ericsson building media products and IPTV platforms.

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Improving eBay's Development Velocity

This session outlines eBay’s cross-organizational Velocity initiative to improve our ability to deliver value to customers. While the problem ultimately spans culture, organization, people, and technology, we focused our initial efforts on improving software delivery across the board, because eBay’s ability to deliver software rapidly, safely, and repeatably is a prerequisite for every other improvement. We also focused on modularizing and modernizing the architecture of one particular area of the site that is a bottleneck for numerous business initiatives.
We will discuss
  • Breaking down silos between product engineering and infrastructure
  • Measuring software delivery through the Four Key Metrics from Accelerate
  • Continually reducing build time, startup time, PR validation time, and deployment time
  • Relentlessly focusing on removing individual teams' impediments to fast flow
  • Embedding experts directly in product teams and sharing learnings across the entire organization

The initiative has already borne fruit, and we identify -- and bank -- new wins every week. With support from the top, and excitement from the grassroots, the Velocity initiative has galvanized teams to look for opportunities for improvement. Equally importantly, working collaboratively and breaking down silos pay second-order cultural dividends. We have a long way to go, but this session will provide actionable insights for other organizations going through similar journeys.


Wednesday Nov 3 / 10:10AM PDT (40 minutes)


Optimizing Your Organization for Speed


VelocityOrganizational PatternsAgileContinuous DeliveryTeam Collaboration

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