Lucas Cavalcanti

Principal Engineer @nubank Lucas Cavalcanti is a principal engineer at Nubank, the most influential Brazilian fintech, built as a service-oriented architecture leveraging Clojure and Datomic. Lucas is a functional programming enthusiast and proponent of best practices in software development with vast experience in real production applications written in Java, Scala, Ruby, and now Clojure. He holds a BS in computer science from the University of Sao Paulo.


Leverage Through Business Platforms

When a financial services startup is created, it’s fair to assume that it will have a small team of engineers who will have the knowledge and control about the whole system being created to launch the first products.  

At that point, the domain is not fully clear, and neither the architecture characteristics necessary to support all products and customers that the startup will eventually have, so some level of experimentation and organic growth is expected and even desirable.  At Nubank, the most valuable digital bank in the world, 7 years after launching its first product, the company grew to several hundreds of engineers and dozens of products, in a microservices architecture running on top of kubernetes and AWS with over 600 microservices written in Clojure. It becomes unviable to have all teams of engineers knowing how to deal with all the intrinsic complexities associated with financial products; eventually, some core business platforms were extracted to abstract specific complexities so just a single team has to deal with that specific complexity and the others can build new products on top of it with one less complexity to worry about.  This talk will explain the process of extracting the platforms and the leverage achieved by using them.


Tuesday May 25 / 09:10AM EDT (40 minutes)

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