Leah Robert

Solution Architect @Solace

As a Solution Architect at Solace, I help organizations move to an Event Driven Architecture, enabling the real-time movement of their data from on-premises to public cloud, private cloud, or to IoT devices. I have been working in the event-driven space for over 5 years and have experience with designing architectures, integrating applications, and educating developers & architects on these paradigms.

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Sponsored Case Study

Event Mesh as a Real-Time Data Movement Fabric for APIs and Hybrid Cloud

Organizations are more widely adopting an event driven architecture (EDA) to enable the real-time interaction between systems and applications, but challenges arise when those systems are in a diverse set of environments and locations. There are multiple cloud options, on-premises data centers and individual sites that can all contribute or consume an organization’s data. An event mesh provides a real-time communication method for connecting hybrid cloud architectures, providing guaranteed delivery and dynamic filtering.

In this session you will learn what an event mesh is and how it bridges data between disparate locations using event driven architecture.


Monday Nov 1 / 02:15PM PDT (45 minutes)

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