Kin Lane

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Chief Evangelist @Postman

Kin Lane is the Chief Evangelist for Postman, and has been writing about the API lifecycle for over a decade as the API Evangelist. Working with companies, organizations, institutions, and government agencies to define the API lifecycles that have emerged across almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Kin works to evangelize and move forward OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, and JSON as part of Postman Open Technologies, acknowledging the critical role these API specifications are playing in our lives.

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A Standardized, Specification-Driven API Lifecycle

API specifications like OpenAPI are often seen as just documentation, or possibly used for code generation--when in reality they have become much, much more. OpenAPI and AsyncAPI have emerged as the way API producers and consumers are engaging across the entire API lifecycle, beginning with documentation and code generation, but also mocking, testing, security, and other essential parts of our API operations.  API specifications like OpenAPI and AsyncAPI provide a machine-readable artifact that can help automate and streamline the API lifecycle, but it also normalizes who we human beings talk about APIs, how they are applied programmatically, but also iterated upon over time. Ensuring that all of us humans are on the same page through a more standardized, specification-driven API lifecycle.


Tuesday Nov 9 / 01:10PM EST (40 minutes)


API Architecture



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