Jordan Bragg

Architect @CastlightHealth

Jordan Bragg is a generalist who started his career in QA at Lockheed Martin. Creating automated test frameworks, performance testing, and dealing with software developers laid an excellent foundation for improved quality and empathy. Jordan has since worked full-stack, focusing on back-end service development and security. At Castlight, Jordan has spent his time integrating with partners, simplifying domains, creating R&D-wide enablers, and pushing for increased security, observability, and event-driven systems.

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Analyzing Codebases for Fun and Profit

One problem existing for many developers today is ramping up quickly complex and sometimes messy codebases. Analyzing domains is an important skill when we need to solve complex problems, take ownership, contribute to open source, break down monoliths, or even perform code reviews in unknown domains. Using entry-points, breadth-first scanning, and operation tagging related to state or remote communication, you can demystify the domain, see where you need to dive deeper, and uncover what technical debt may exist.


Tuesday Nov 2 / 09:00AM PDT (40 minutes)


Becoming a Better Developer

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