Jason Yee

Director of Advocacy @Gremlin Jason Yee is Director of Advocacy at Gremlin where he helps people build more resilient systems by learning from how they fail. He also leads the internal Chaos Engineering practices to make Gremlin more reliable. Previously, he worked at Datadog, O’Reilly Media, and MongoDB. His pandemic-coping activities include drinking whiskey, cooking everything in a waffle iron, and making chocolate.

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Finding Harmony: Resilient Systems and Compensatory Growth

Many engineering teams are locked in the Sisyphean battle to prevent incidents while also accepting the SRE tenet that failure is normal. Often this results in burnout. What if there’s a better, more harmonious way? I’ll share how truly embracing failure can lead to more resilient systems—a symbiosis of more reliable applications and stronger, happier engineering teams.


Thursday May 27 / 01:10PM EDT (45 minutes)

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Observability and Understandability Panel

This panel will feature experienced practitioners who have worked in the engineering teams of Google, Facebook, Dropbox. & MongoDB. They are all now working at startups focused on helping engineers improve their ability to reduce downtime and customer-impacting failures. Hear from this panel on their unique approaches and preferred methods to get impactful results - incident management, distributed tracing, and chaos engineering - we'll cover these topics in detail.


Tuesday May 18 / 01:00PM EDT (40 minutes)

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