Glenn Engstrand

Software Architect @rally_health

My focus is working with engineers in order to deliver scalable, server side, 12 factor compliant application architectures. I was a breakout speaker at Adobe's internal Advertising Cloud developer's conference in 2018 and 2017 and at the 2012 Lucene Revolution conference in Boston. I specialize in breaking monolithic applications up into microservices and in deep integration with Real-Time Communications infrastructure.

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Managing Tech Debt in a Microservice Architecture

Every software company has to deal with tech debt, which slows down development. Ironically, it's usually difficult to get the support of the product managers who have a long list of high-profile features with tight deadlines to invest in paying down tech debt. What’s more, the problems of tech debt compound faster for companies that adopt a microservices architecture.  

In this presentation, I describe how Optum Digital (formerly Rally Health) engineering devised a method for reliably and predictably paying down tech debt for hundreds of Microservices. You will learn how to form relevant communities and identify the high-risk areas of tech debt. I describe how to compile the collective decisions of the communities into an actionable roadmap and present that roadmap to product managers in a non-confrontative yet effective manner. You will learn how to measure progress in paying down tech debt.


Tuesday Nov 2 / 11:00AM PDT (40 minutes)


Microservice Patterns and Antipatterns: Lessons From the Trenches

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