Gal Bashan

Director of Engineering @Epsagon

Gal is the Director of Engineering at Epsagon. Gal has a background in cyber-security, with experience in reverse engineering, networks analysis, and was part of an army elite intelligence-unit before joining Epsagon.

Sponsored Workshop

How to Troubleshoot API Errors and Reduce MTTD/R

As architectures get more and more complex, getting insights into your microservices-based architecture is crucial. However, the observability of microservices is incredibly complex given the scale and the transactions across them.

In this workshop, we will build a serverless application and make it observability-ready so as to troubleshoot any API error. We will write a simple Express application and explore best practices when using Express. Then, we’ll deploy the application. We will then go over what it means to have full-stack observability (FSO) and how to make the Express application FSO-ready.

Who should attend? DevOps, Engineers, Cloud Architects, IT, Software Developers, Solution Architects and Engineers, SREs, or anyone who is running microservice-based applications (Kubernetes, containers, serverless functions, and more) in the cloud.


Thursday Nov 4 / 02:30PM EDT (1 hour 30 minutes)


Level Beginner

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