Erwin van der Koogh

Product Manager @Cloudflare

Erwin has been passionate about technology in general and programming in particular since his first BASIC program at age 8. In his 20+ year professional career he has helped tens of different companies on 3 different continents developer better software. After the acquisition of his startup, Linc, by Cloudflare, he now works as a Product Manager on the Worker platform.

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How Do You Distribute Your Database Over Hundreds of Edge Locations?

Writing a database is hard enough as is. Writing a database that seamlessly replicates writes to multiple continents is extremely hard. But AWS, Azure and smaller players like FaunaDB have great solutions in this space.

But what if you want to distribute your database over a few hundred locations instead of a few regions? In this talk we will be explaining a new model that Cloudflare has developed to solve this challenge, and where it could go next.


Tuesday May 25 / 06:10AM PDT (40 minutes)


Accelerating APIs and Edge Computing


Edge ComputingDatabasesArchitectureCloud ComputingAWSAzure

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