Cody De Arkland

Principal Technical Marketing Engineer @LaunchDarkly

Cody is a seasoned technologist focusing on all things "as-code". His background is in enterprise IT automation, infrastructure as code, and application delivery. He enjoys taking users on journeys in technology and is passionate about helping users adopt DevOps practices. He's very active in the IT community; and loves interacting with users on twitter at @codydearkland

Sponsored Case Study

Dark Launching Into the Meshy Unknown

Abruptly changing your application to send all traffic through a mysterious "proxy sidecar"; what would possibly go wrong?! But they tell you if take this journey, you'll be rewarded with better security, observability, and traffic management! All you have to do is gamble on the chance of a major network outage that'll leave your application unreachable. What's there to be afraid of? For many operators and developers, service mesh moves us closer to the goal of making applications first-class on the network. The challenge we still run into is the infamous "code cutover". The concept of "dark launching" opens the door for greater control over the deployment and release of our configurations, enabling us to deliver our changes to specific groups and users (or even percentages of all users) but more importantly - it gives us the ability to disable these changes if everything goes wrong. Join Cody from LaunchDarkly as we explore a bit about what a service mesh is, and how we can use the idea of "dark launching" to make that unknown a little less scary!


Tuesday Nov 2 / 01:10PM PDT (45 minutes)

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