Christi Schneider

Software Engineer @Square

Christi recently became a software engineer at Square's office in Atlanta. She works on the extensibility team, building the tools and establishing patterns that other Square teams use to build the external developer program. Before Square, she worked at Blackbaud as a part of many teams over the years. Most recently, she was on the extensibility team, leading an effort to holistically improve Blackbaud's public APIs and build new products "API-first".

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Building With Extensibility

Extensibility isn't just making your endpoints public; you should think about how your product will be extended and enhanced by others before you write a line of code. Gain an understanding of why we want to build extensible products rather than just checking off a "public API" box. In this session, you'll learn how to build a truly extensible product and create a delightful developer experience.    

This presentation will cover concepts of extensibility rather than diving deep into technical details, so will be relevant to anyone who works on software, including engineers, product managers, and designers. You will also hear why it's important for all of these roles to gain an understanding of extensibility and consider it at each step of the product lifecycle.


Tuesday Nov 9 / 09:00AM PST (40 minutes)


API Architecture

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