Chinmay Gaikwad

(He / him / his)

Technical Evangelist @Epsagon

Chinmay is a Technical Evangelist at Epsagon which helps companies monitor containers and serverless environments. Previously, he worked for startups and companies such as Intel, helping create B2B solutions. He is experienced in Kubernetes, cloud technologies, and data center products. In his free time, he loves traveling and exploring new restaurants.

Sponsored Workshop

How to Troubleshoot API Errors and Reduce MTTD/R

As architectures get more and more complex, getting insights into your microservices-based architecture is crucial. However, the observability of microservices is incredibly complex given the scale and the transactions across them.

In this workshop, we will build a serverless application and make it observability-ready so as to troubleshoot any API error. We will write a simple Express application and explore best practices when using Express. Then, we’ll deploy the application. We will then go over what it means to have full-stack observability (FSO) and how to make the Express application FSO-ready.

Who should attend? DevOps, Engineers, Cloud Architects, IT, Software Developers, Solution Architects and Engineers, SREs, or anyone who is running microservice-based applications (Kubernetes, containers, serverless functions, and more) in the cloud.


Thursday Nov 4 / 02:30PM EDT (1 hour 30 minutes)


Level Beginner

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