Cassie Clark

(She / her / hers)

Security Awareness Lead Engineer @brexHQ

Cassie Clark is passionate about bringing humans into security. She develops awareness programs focused on behavior change, user enablement, and culture. As Security Awareness Lead Engineer at Brex, she built and leads security awareness for employees and customers. Prior to Brex, she built the security awareness function at Cruise and focused on security engagement at Salesforce. She holds a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies and can often be seen holding a cup of coffee.

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Perspectives on Trust in Security & Privacy

Continuing the track trend around trust, the security panel discusses we can balance the adjustment of our security posture and our user experience. What is the right balance between security and usability? How do we build systems that scale, that gives the right amount of security and control to our users? Continue the conversation around customer trust with our security panelists.


Tuesday Nov 2 / 03:10PM EDT (40 minutes)


Security: Establishing & Maintaining Customer Trust


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