Avdi Grimm

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Chief Aeronaut at ShipRise

In his 20-year-plus software development career, Avdi Grimm has worked on everything from aerospace embedded systems to enterprise web applications. He’s a consulting pair-programmer, the author of several popular Ruby programming books, and a recipient of the Ruby Hero award for service to the Ruby community. He helps developers dance with code at Graceful.Dev.


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Reproducible Development with Containers

Week-long project onboarding? “Works on my machine”? Software version conflicts between projects? Days of catchup after your laptop bites the dust?  

These concepts are as obsolete as developing without version control. The future is devcontainers: fully-featured, versioned, reproducible development environments that run immediately on any machine with a Docker installation. Or in the cloud, shared by collaborating coworkers.  

In this session, Avdi Grimm describes the future of development, which is already here. Get a tour of a devcontainer, and contrast it with a deployment container. Notice how devcontainers can improve your team's productivity.  

Containers - they're not just for production anymore.


Tuesday Nov 9 / 01:10PM EST (40 minutes)


Crafting the Developer Experience


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