Ashley Kasim

Tech Lead of the Compute team @Lyft

Ashley Kasim is the Tech Lead of the Compute team at Lyft. She led Lyft recently through the transition from legacy infrastructure to running 100% on Kubernetes and is now focused on iterating on and scaling out the platform to support the variety of use cases at Lyft, such as stateful & stateless workloads and ML training workloads. Ashley has also contributed to Kubernetes upstream. A few challenges she is working on now are on infrastructure provisioning and management automation and scheduling/autoscaling efficiency on Kubernetes.


Panel: Kubernetes at Web Scale on the Cloud

Although many architectural and design similarities exist between large scale Kubernetes footprints whether on-prem or in the cloud, there are also key differences. Gaining insight on these will help ensure your k8s scaling exercise in the cloud can be accelerated through application of best practices and avoidance of key roadblocks.

Our expert panel will explore what they have learned scaling their own workload in the public cloud.  Likely topics include capacity and workload management, security integration, and homegrown PaaS integration.


Wednesday Nov 3 / 02:10PM EDT (40 minutes)


The Cloud Operating Model


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