Anika Mukherji

(She / her / hers)

Software Engineer @Pinterest

Anika is a senior SRE at Pinterest's HQ in San Francisco. She is embedded in several teams, including the API platform team, the web platform team, the traffic team and the continuous delivery team. She focuses on making the core "Pinner" experience reliable and measurable, with a special emphasis on safe production changes. She also has experience in the performance realm and has worked on improving the speed of the Pinterest product.

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Prod Lessons - Deployment Validation and Graceful Degradation

Key to Site Reliability Engineering is building frameworks and “guardrails” that enable the product to be developed safely. If patterns can be identified in outages and bugs, preventing those problems systematically gives SRE unparalleled leverage to improve stability. 

During this presentation, two frameworks that Pinterest has adopted from lessons learned in production will be discussed: deployment validation framework and product-informed graceful degradation. Both of these efforts have prevented hundreds of outages and saved many hours of engineering time.



Wednesday Nov 10 / 12:10PM EST (40 minutes)


Production Readiness


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