Aaron Turner

Senior Software Engineer @Fastly

Aaron Turner is a senior engineer at Fastly, and a member of the AssemblyScript team. In their spare time, they are hacking on various WebAssembly projects on the web, cooking up some dope beats, and shredding local skateparks.

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Panel: WebAssembly - the Past, Present and Future

WebAssembly, despite having ‘web’ in its name, is proving to be much more than just a browser technology or JavaScript rival. The properties of this runtime (multi-language, lightweight, sandboxed, secure, cross-platform, etc) have piqued the interest of the wider community. In the past few years, we’ve seen WebAssembly used as the runtime for serverless, running smart contracts on blockchain, IoT, and edge computing. Ironically WebAssembly may have more of an impact outside of the browser!  

In this panel discussion, we’ll talk about the past; where WebAssembly first began and the problems it was tackling, the present; applications of this technology within the browser and beyond, and the future; where we think this technology will be most impactful in the coming years.


Tuesday May 18 / 01:00PM EDT (40 minutes)


WebAssembly Throughout the Stack


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