Panel: Event Driven Architectures of Scale

Event-driven architectures (EDA) have been around for decades but are back in vogue, driven in part by the shift to the cloud and multicore architectures, data-driven applications, and related trends such as microservices and distributed computing.  

Our expert panel will explore what we’ve learned as an industry about event-driven architectures over the decades, the advantages - both business and technical - that EDA offers, and thoughts for the future with a particular focus on messaging and Serverless systems. Likely topics include dealing with complexity, debugging/troubleshooting, and common day 2 issues.


Wes Reisz

Platform Architect @VMware & Creator/Co-host of #TheInfoQPodcast, previous VP of Technology @Section
Wesley Reisz is Platform Architect at VMware and former VP of Technology at Section (an Edge Compute Platform). Wes also chairs the San Francisco edition of QCon.Before VMware, Wes served as the product owner for all of the English speaking QCon conferences worldwide, was a... Read more Find Wes Reisz at:


Matthew Clark

Head Of Architecture for the @BBC's Digital Products
Matthew Clark is Head of Architecture for many of the BBC’s online products. He’s been at the BBC for over 10 years, and has been involved in multiple projects such as covering the London 2012 Olympics, and getting BBC iPlayer working on the International Space Station. His passion is... Read more


Gwen Shapira

Software Engineer @Confluent, PMC Member @Kafka, & Committer Apache Sqoop
Gwen is an engineering leader at Confluent, managing the Cloud-Native Kafka team. She has 15 years of experience working with code and customers to build scalable data architectures, integrating microservices, relational and big data technologies. She currently specializes in building real-time... Read more Find Gwen Shapira at:


Ian Thomas

Senior Principal Engineer at Flutter Entertainment
Ian Thomas is a Senior Principal Engineer for Flutter Entertainment working in the International Sportsbook Platform tribe. He started his career at Flutter 7 years ago as an engineer working on Sky Bet and has been involved in various of the company’s brands since, most recently focusing... Read more Find Ian Thomas at: