Panel: Challenges & Opportunities of the Modern Financial Institutions

In the panel, we’ll have the chance to discuss the challenges and opportunities of modern financial institutions with experts of different backgrounds and sectors of the financial industry, Dio Rettori, and Lucas Cavalcanti. With the key support of a broader view of the market from Camila Crispin, Tech Director at ThoughtWorks.


Lucas Cavalcanti

Principal Engineer @nubank
Lucas Cavalcanti is a principal engineer at Nubank, the most influential Brazilian fintech, built as a service-oriented architecture leveraging Clojure and Datomic. Lucas is a functional programming enthusiast and proponent of best practices in software development with vast experience in real... Read more


Dio Rettori

Head of Cloud Architecture @jpmorgan
Dio is the head of Cloud Architecture for JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s Asset and Wealth Management division. Most of his day is invested in planning and executing large-scale migration programs for hundreds of applications that are systemically important to the industry. He's the co-founder... Read more


Camilla Crispim

Portfolio Technology Director @ThoughtWorks
Camilla Crispim is the Portfolio Technology Director for nearshore markets at ThoughtWorks Brazil. As such, Camilla helps clients achieve their biggest ambitions, working closely with them and with account leadership teams to build high-performing teams, ensure technical excellence within the... Read more