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Optimizing GraphQL Performance at Scale

Migrating to a federated GraphQL API helped StockX accelerate their development cycle, ship more agilely, and rethink their user experience— but one challenge they had to overcome was how to best implement caching across multiple layers of their graph stack. Attend this session to hear Kyle Schrade, Senior Software Engineer at StockX highlight some of the most important lessons learned over the past year running a federated graph in production and how the shift to GraphQL allowed them to unify their caching approach and improve their overall development strategy.


Kyle Schrade

Senior Software Engineer @StockX

An engineer in the world of TypeScript/JavaScript with a passion for optimization, metrics, loud EDM music, and monorepos. He likes GraphQL a little too much and has been one of the leaders of its adoption at StockX, Graph all the things. #showmeyourdata.

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Apollo builds open-source software and a graph platform to unify GraphQL across your apps and services. Apollo Federation is the industry-standard open architecture for building a distributed graph that scales across teams.


Monday Nov 8 / 12:10PM PST (45 minutes)

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