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Modern Language Innovations Panel

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Ashley Williams

Core Rust Team @RustLang

Works on the Rust Programming Language and WebAssembly for Mozilla. Previously, wrote and maintained Rust and Node.js backend services at NPM, Inc. Rust core team member and leads the Rust community team. Founded NodeTogether educational Initiative and member of the Node.js Board of Directors....

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Wednesday Nov 10 / 11:10AM PST (40 minutes)


Modern Language Innovations


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Session Languages

Full Stack Dart

Wednesday Nov 10 / 08:10AM PST

Dart emerged from Google a little after Go, as "a client-optimized language for fast apps on any platform”. It has recently surged in popularity as the language behind the Flutter framework for Android, iOS, Desktop and Web apps. Cloud providers are now positioning themselves to...

Chris Swan

Engineer, The @ Company

Session Languages

Modern Language Innovations

Wednesday Nov 10 / 10:10AM PST

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Session Languages

Secure, Performant Platform Extensibility through WebAssembly

Wednesday Nov 10 / 09:10AM PST

Server-side WebAssembly is at the core of platform extensibility at Shopify. It enables third-party developers to extend the platform with synchronous, custom business logic.  In this talk, Saúl explores how server-side WebAssembly can be leveraged to enable synchronous, secure and...

Saúl Cabrera

Software Developer @Shopify

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