Making Applications Resilient With a Smart Application Aware Network

Building resilient highly available applications is not easy since there are so many parts of the hardware and software stack that can fail. This talk will go through three patterns that can be used to make your applications highly available by transparently injecting smart application aware network components which can improve resiliency in case of service failures, site, region, or even data center failures. The state of the art is better than just active-active or active-passive patterns here and can be made self-service by application developers and operators so it can be operationally manageable. These patterns are also good to enable application operators to fix application outages caused due to bad configuration pushes which is a major source of outages in production in the real world.


Varun Talwar

Co-founder @Tetrateio
Varun is the co-founder and CEO of Tetrate. He is the co-creator of two open-source projects during his stint at Google: gRPC and Istio and has built a community around them. Read more Find Varun Talwar at:

Thursday May 27 / 11:10AM EDT (40 minutes)

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