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The Human Side of Airbnb’s Microservice Architecture

The long journey of migrating your monolith to microservices is not only a technical challenge but also a shift in culture and the ways of working for your company. Scaling your tech stack is often motivated by the needs of an expanding engineering team and business. To move into the world of services successfully, the impact on the human engineers also must be considered.

From this talk, you’ll learn about Airbnb’s reflection of the hits and misses from the human perspective of the migration equation. Key highlights include:

  • Develop cross-team collaboration strategies - more services means more teams to work with
  • Support a culture assuming your monolith may still exist alongside your services for a long time (possibly forever!)
  • Design observability and access control for easy human usability
  • Plan for unified APIs and core domains as platform teams


Jessica Tai

Engineering Manager of Homes Platform Infrastructure @Airbnb

Previously a staff engineer on Airbnb’s Core Services infra team, Jessica has given multiple talks at QCon about the technical design and scaling challenges with the migration to service-oriented architecture. Now an engineering manager of the User and Foundation infrastructure teams, she...

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Thursday May 20 / 07:10AM PDT (40 minutes)


Microservice - The First Decade


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