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Database Performance Monitoring in a World of Microservices

Microservices and distributed architectures certainly have become more mainstream in recent years. More and more database workloads are being transformed from monolithic large-scale deployments to distributed or microservices architectures.

In this session, we will look at the past decade of database architectures and the challenges microservices can pose to monitoring the health and performance of database workloads today.


Markus Strauss

Group Product Manager @SolarWinds
Markus Strauss is a group product manager at SolarWinds, helping drive the future of the SolarWinds® database performance monitoring products. He’s a seasoned professional with 20 years of experience in risk management, cybersecurity, and performance monitoring. Prior to SolarWinds,... Read more Find Markus Strauss at:

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Thursday May 20 / 01:10PM EDT (45 minutes)

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