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Continual Learning for Machine Learning in Production

Because of data drift, the accuracy of an ML model degrades over time. How well a model performs depends on how often it’s updated. While companies like Alibaba, ByteDance, Google, Facebook have been able to leverage real-time pipelines to continually update many of their models in production and boost their performance, many companies still update their models manually. In this talk, we’ll discuss the state of continual learning for ML, its motivations, challenges, and possible solutions.


Chip Huyen

Founder at stealth startup & Teaching ML Sys @Stanford

Chip Huyen is an engineer and founder working to develop tools for ML models to continually learn in production. Through her work with Snorkel AI, NVIDIA, and Netflix, she has helped some of the world’s largest organizations deploy machine learning systems. She teaches Machine Learning...

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Tuesday Nov 9 / 10:10AM PST (40 minutes)


ML Everywhere


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What You Should Know Before Deploying ML in Production

Tuesday Nov 9 / 08:10AM PST

MLOps provides tools that make building, deploying, and maintaining machine learning solutions easier than ever before. However, MLOps is not only a static set of tools that defines the way you operationalize your machine learning models, but is also (and most importantly) about your organization...

Francesca Lazzeri

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The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Zero Shot Learning

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ML Panel: "ML in Production - What's Next?"

Tuesday Nov 9 / 11:10AM PST

The panel will discuss the current lessons learned with putting ML systems into production.What is working and what is not working, from building ML teams, dealing with large datasets, governance and ethics/privacy issues, and what's around the corner for production ML, and ML in computing...

Chip Huyen

Founder at stealth startup & Teaching ML Sys @Stanford

Shijing Fang

Principal Data Scientist @Microsoft

Vernon Germano

Senior Manager of Machine Learning Engineering @zillow

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