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QCon Plus Nov 2021 Committee Member

Frank Greco

Senior Technology Consultant and Chairman @NYJavaSIG

Frank Greco is a senior consultant and enterprise architect with cloud, mobile computing, and machine learning experience located in the NY/NJ area. He is a frequent writer/blogger and author as well as additional achievements with startups, strategic technology/business partnerships, enterprise infrastructure, and emerging technologies, particularly for large enterprises. Co-author of #JSR 381 Visual Recognition for Java and a huge proponent of Java for Machine Learning.  

Frank is a frequent global speaker at major technology trade shows such as JavaOne/CodeOne, QCon, Jfokus, Devoxx, et al.  He chairs the "Enterprise IT Technology" and "Machine Learning for the Enterprise" conferences for Technology Transfer in Europe.  

He is the Chairman of the NYJavaSIG (8.5K+ members), the largest (and first ever) Java User Group in North America, and has a deep understanding of developer communities, education/curriculum design, and diversity programs.  Frank was recognized with the title "Java Champion" by Sun/Oracle as a leader and visionary in the Java Technology community.  

In addition to his strong expertise in enterprise IT, Frank is also a semi-professional musician, decent cook, and terrible fisherman.

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