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[SOLD OUT] From Monolith to Kubernetes Workshop

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Key Takeaways

1 Main challenges and pitfalls when building distributed applications

2 Hands-on experience running a distributed application on Kubernetes

3 Hands-on experience on tools and practices to accelerate your Cloud-Native journey

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While working with Kubernetes developers need to learn a completely new ecosystem of tools and practices to efficiently deliver Cloud-Native applications. During this workshop, you will learn about tools such as Knative, Helm and Zeebe to efficiently build, manage and understand your Cloud Native applications. During the workshop, you will deploy a Cloud Native application to a Kubernetes cluster, modify it and expose valuable business information to share across your organization. You will also learn about how frameworks such as Knative can help your developers to build robust applications which can leverage Cloud Events for loosely coupled and event-driven architectures.


Mauricio Salatino

Principal Software Engineer @Camunda / @LearnK8s Kubernetes Instructor

Mauricio is a Principal Software Engineer at Camunda and a LearnK8s Instructor. Mauricio has been working with Kubernetes for the last 5 years, training teams and developing cloud-native applications. In his journey, he has participated in several open-source projects including Zeebe,...

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Ray Tsang

Developer Advocate @Google

Ray is a Developer Advocate for the Google Cloud Platform and a Java Champion. Ray works with engineering and product teams to improve Java developer productivity on GCP. Ray also help Alphabet companies migrate and adopt cloud native architecture. Prior to Google, Ray worked at Red Hat,...

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Friday Nov 20 / 09:00AM PST (2 hours)


Level Intermediate

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