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[SOLD OUT] Cloud-Native Cassandra Workshop: Introduction to Cassandra for Developers

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Are you a developer tired of being let down by a database? Need scale and just can’t get it? Old solutions are just that, OLD! This online introductory workshop is perfect for those looking to migrate to, or build cloud-native applications with NoSQL technology and embrace the future of data driven applications.

We will help you understand the basics of building applications with Apache Cassandra. Using DataStax Astra, our Cassandra as a Service, you will get up and running as fast as possible.

Leave our 2 hour Intro to Cassandra session with a free-tier database spinning in the cloud along with an understanding of data modeling principles so you can be the NoSQL super hero.


What we will cover

  • Fundamental NoSQL concepts with Apache Cassandra™
  • Why Cassandra and what it can do
  • Spinning up a database in the cloud (you will be doing the spinning)
  • Data modeling concepts in NoSQL Apache Cassandra™ to make cloud-native application development a breeze
  • Where to go next to continue your learning


David Joy

Data Architect @DataStax

A motivated Data Architect with proven experience in solving complex business problems.Portfolio : https://david7joy.github.ioKaggle : Analytics blog : 

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Mike Barlow

Data Architect @DataStax

I’m not just a solution/cloud architect, but a Fullstack technologist who's very passionate about architecting and building simple solutions. For over years I have architected and develop highly available, reliable, scalable, and flexible solutions that exceed customer expectations.

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Friday Nov 6 / 12:00PM EST (2 hour )


Level Beginner

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